Vortex Leading to Saturation

A tornado is one of the most powerful forces of nature. We liken the tornado to a spiritual process of becoming Saturated with the Presence of God. The vortex, the funnel of the cloud, is the spinning action of God and us working together. We work in union with God to foster a pure heart so that He can Saturate us with His Presence. The working action of the spiritual tornado is the vortex. The speed of the vortex determines the rate at which we become Saturated and experience the fullness of God’s Presence (Eph. 3:19). As we experiences this fullness, an ever increasing volume of fruit from God, is displayed in our lives.

Vortex Leading to the Fullness of God


“Be filled with all the fullness of God.”

Eph. 3:19


“Make every effort to live in peace…and to be holy;

without holiness no onewill see the Lord.

Hebrews 12:14


“I am the Lord Who makes you holy.”

Lev. 20:8

There are 3 strategic elements within the vortex:

  1. Craving Saturation of His Presence: (Ps. 84:1,2; Eph. 3:19) there is nothing earthly comparable to experiencing the glory of God. We contaminate our craving for Him by desiring anything other than Him. (We are to have 1 treasure, 1 hope!) Our Lord desires that we crave to the point of having a pure heart, so that He can fill it. He desires to please us, bless us, and empower us to do His will!
  2. Being a House of Prayer: (Matt. 21:13) Jesus clearly demonstrated that He didn’t want His house to be known as a “den of robbers” but to be a House of Prayer! It is in prayer that we often experience His Presence and hear His voice; that we might respond and do what He pleases. He desires that we pray His power into His will as we crave to see Him move and act. He desires that His house be known as a House of Prayer; not by simply praying, but also that the people would see God’s mighty power in each of us. Is your church known to be a House of Prayer? Is the temple within you known as a House of Prayer?
  3. Experiencing God’s Transformation and Power: (2 Cor. 3:18) This is the key measure as to whether we are craving for His Presence. We are to be experiencing radical transformation in us and seeing radical transformation through us by the hand of God! The people should recognize that God is moving in and through us. Unfortunately, our hearts are contaminated and divided; we are not yearning for pure hearts! God desires that we exhibit His holiness and His glory in us and through us. We must crave that this takes place! He will transform our thoughts, passions, will and character. He will transform our relationships to be lived in oneness. He will touch every aspect and relationship we have as we become transformed. People will see us overflowing with the character of Jesus; the Fruit of the Spirit; and the magnificence of our Lord. A great place to begin is to get into a Transformation Group with like hearted people, who will, at all cost, become Saturated by Him! Start your own Transformation Group. There are many tools available and you will find some here on the website.


Oh Lord, we pray that...

  • Pastor/Leaders (P/L) would crave the Saturation of the Presence of God (SPG) throughout each day
  • We each become Houses of Prayer
  • Each P/L crave transformation & Your power to foster a pure heart within themselves
  • We become "one" in hope, love & purpose
  • Each P/L would overflow with Your character, power and fruit
  • You would purify our hearts and manifest Yourself; bringing an Awakening
  • You would raise up intercessors who continually pray for courageous P/L hearts - fostering a peaceful revolution toward Saturation & Holiness
  • We each exhort, inspire, support & aid other P/L to break through
  • As a result of pure hearts, You would resource us to advance Saturation into our families, leadership, churches & communities
  • P/L's redefine their success as "being filled to Your fullness" & multiply it within their churches
  • Each P/L disassociate Cultural Christianity behaviors from holiness and understand holiness is a condition of the heart

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