Transformation Tools

There for 4 strategic Transformation Tools at this time:

  • Concert of Prayer – Prayer Guide: this is aimed at fostering Revival in us and in our community through prayer.  Our Lord has called us to be Houses of Prayer, personally and as a church.  We are pleading before God that He will come and lead us.  This Prayer Guide will lead and guide an individual into effectual prayer and perhaps foster a movement of prayer within the church.  Individuals are challenged to dedicate at least (1) one-hour prayer segment per week.
  • Saturated with the Presence of God (SPG) Series: this is a 12 lesson Bible Study Series aimed at helping people come to grips that they are not, but can, become saturated with the Presence of God; leading them to becoming holy, blameless, and pure, full of the Holy Spirit.
  • Heart Transformation for Kingdom Living: this is a workbook aimed at helping individual’s to discover and be healed of those things that keep us from loving God with “all of our hearts”!  It is transformation of the heart by the partnership between us and the Holy Spirit.
  • Consecration Experience: this is an examining study and anointing event that is experienced with a band of brothers and sisters in order to launch a walking in the Spirit.

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