Transformation is Vital

  • This is where we fool ourselves. We say wonderful words, learned words. We even try to behaviorally pursue them.
  • Our churches don't exhibit the power of God, nor the blessings of being Saturated with God's Presence.
  • If you spiritually healthy, you must be experiencing transformation personally and organizationally: radical change of every kind in us & in our communities that can only be accomplished by God.
  • If there's no transformation, there really is no Revival and we will not see a manifestation of the Spirit of God as in the Great Awakenings.

What are the Fruits of Revival - a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, people humbling themselves in prayer, seeking His face, turning from their wicked ways, a compassion for the unconverted, conversions of all ages, outbreaks of people praying, people uncontrollably confessing and repenting, congregations coming alive, a thirsting for God, visions, laymen beginning to preach at a moment's notice, colleges doing an about face, victory over infidelity & skepticism, a movement toward holiness, and a yearning with confident anticipation of Jesus' coming. 


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