The Blessings of the Saturation of the Presence of God (Detail)

What does SPG look like in a person's life?

Consider the following promises of God. Are you experiencing these blessings each day? Mark the ones with a plus sign that you feel you experience and a minus sign if you feel this is a weak area.


Fruit of the Spirit:

  • having a joy & peace that passes all understanding, no matter my circumstance
  • having a love for God that is full of affection & passion for His presence
  • having a faith that moves mountains & heals my broken heart as well as others
  • having a patience that is long suffering & steadfast without selfish agenda
  • having a meekness/humility and mildness that cares for God's people naturally
  • having a goodness that comes from an upright heart
  • having a gentleness from moral goodness and integrity
  • having self-control [being without excessiveness in thought, action or feeling], experiencing every spiritual blessing


Freedom from Sin:

  • without responding to sinful cravings within me
  • without dissentions from me that could cause divisions/factions
  • without jealousy
  • without coveting
  • without sinful ambition
  • without hate
  • without deceit
  • without participating in factions
  • without malice and gossip
  • without hypocrisy
  • without boasting
  • without lusting
  • without false witness and slander
  • without haughty eyes
  • without manipulation and scheming
  • without discord from me
  • without anxiousness
  • without worry and stress
  • without lying
  • without pride


Having His Passion for People:

  • having a burning compassion for the lost
  • being one in my marriage and family
  • loving my enemies
  • full of generosity
  • giving grace to others
  • compassionate at just the right times
  • my righteousness God bubbling over from within me to others
  • exhibiting justice at the right moments
  • loving others actively and deeply


Personal Vitality:

  • being in the presence of God continually
  • no longer drawn to wrong desires
  • in the middle of the will of God continually
  • being "in Him" and not sinning
  • confessing and repenting immediately upon recognition of sin, remaining in His presence
  • experiencing freedom from sin, without restraint and obligation, but because of my love for Him
  • looking for the return of Jesus
  • experiencing holiness often
  • being one with the Father and the Son
  • overflowing in thankfulness
  • always in joyful obedience
  • finding satisfaction in life, which is a gift from God


Blessings from the Promises of God:

  • He desires to give me every spiritual blessing in Christ
  • He is my shield, help & guidance
  • He offers me intimacy with Him personally
  • He rescues & delivers me
  • He listens to me & answers
  • He sustains me
  • He causes me to be more productive
  • He is merciful
  • He gives me wisdom & understanding
  • He leads me
  • He comforts me
  • He wants me to be one with Him & others
  • He multiplies my fruit: 30,60, 100 times
  • He gives me His power
  • He gives me His favor
  • He protects me
  • He strengthens me
  • He revives my soul
  • He trains my hands for battle
  • He stoops down to make me great
  • He ends my striving
  • He frees me of anxiousness, worry & stress
  • He works all things for good in my life
  • He never forsakes me
  • He directs my paths & makes them straight
  • His love never fails me
  • In Him, I lack no good thing
  • He stirs my heart to a noble theme
  • He creates a pure heart & a steadfast spirit within me

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