Your Church Being Saturated with the Presence of God

What does this look like in our culture?

There is a growing desire for a God-honoring revival to take place in our churches. A saturation of the presence of God (SPG) is a life at its most full expression. This is to have a fervent heart for the things of God resulting in full yielding of ourselves/the church to the Lord and His will.What transpires when a group of Christ-followers are filled with God's Spirit and experiencing His presence? Here are some of the characteristics of what God brings about when He rains down His presence in glory, power, love, and grace.

  • People are compelled of heart to repent of sins.
  • The openness, integrity, and liveliness of the gatherings actually draw people together.
  • Spontaneity energized by God's Spirit is the rule of operation.
  • People yield their lives in faith to Jesus Christ.
  • Devilish strongholds are broken.
  • Damaged relationships are healed between people.
  • The fruit of righteousness beams brighter and brighter.
  • Thanksgiving and joy abound while complaining and grumbling diminish.
  • Cooperation between various Christian fellowships rises to new levels.
  • Loving others and caring for their needs breaks out in the body of Christ and beyond.
  • Moral behavior increases while immoral behavior decreases.
  • There is a commitment to pursue God, know His Word, and do what He says.
  • Intercession and praise sessions increase in frequency and intensity.
  • The fruit of the Spirit overflows from each child of God.
  • God's Word is proclaimed more boldly and thoroughly than before.
  • Spontaneous ministry, meetings, and miracles occur more and more.
  • The Church is motivated to serve in the community.
  • Therefore, as the church is impacted, it will affect the culture. We could see reductions in addictions, teen pregnancy, and crime. The poor would be cared for, love in the community would grow.
  • God seems to choose to send revival with the brokenness and humility of His people, passionate seeking of Him and intercession before Him (by even a few righteous folks), and the proclamation of His Word energized by His Spirit. Humility, desperation, dependence, and importunity are our heart-filled contributions until God releases a Spirit-produced revival - a saturation of the presence of God in the community of His children.

"...Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts."

Zechariah 4:6



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