Being Personally Saturated with the Presence of God

Is busyness in control or is the Presence of God in control?

Is your life exhibiting?

Worry, stress, anxiety? or Peace, love & joy?

Are you daily seeing God's supernatural work in and through your life?

Are you freely living in the Holy Spirit, without the distractions of envy, jealousy, self-ambition...(sin)?

Are you daily passionate for God's Presence within?

Does your agenda & responsibilities preoccupy your time and thoughts or are you continuously listening and responding to the Spirit?

When unexpected events occur: do you have a Kingdom perspective? (i.e. when someone cuts you off on the freeway: are you tempted or do you pray?)

Is "Kingdom oneness of purpose and vision" a part of your marriage and family?

God desires to drench you with His Presence: that you become complete in Him, full of His Spirit, full of His love, peace, and joy!


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