A Transformation Group

  • Why a Transformation Group?
    • Considering that we as pastors have taught much about hungering and thirsting for God, as well as having prayer being a vital part of our lives; we have had too little emphasis on seeing radical transformation in our lives and within the life of the church. If there is no transformation taking place, then we are not being authentic, because when we touch the hem of Jesus’ robe, healing and transformation will take place. Transformation is the measure of a life that is dedicated to becoming holy. God has made it clear that He wants us to be holy and as a result of holiness in our lives, we overflow and draw people to Him. We are not very good at transformation and exhibiting the power of God in and through us. Our personal lives are to look like the book of Acts, as well as within the life of the Church.
  • What is an effective Transformation Group?
    1. Within a Transformation Group are committed people who desire to crave being Saturated with the Presence of God; who personally want to be a House of Prayer; and who want to see radical transformation leading them to a pure heart. This is a pathway to being Saturated and thus God fostering a lifestyle of holiness within us.
    2. Trust and love must be gained in this group.
      1. Members must meet every 2 weeks in a group of 3-5
      2. Each must share their spiritual formation and the state of their total life
      3. Each shares the calling and passion of their life
      4. Each must identify 3 strategic issues that keep them from the full Presence of God
    3. The group must experience increased passion and transformation.
      1. They will engage in different Transformation studies and processes
      2. They will cultivate increased craving, prayer and transformation
      3. They will look for God’s revelation of strategic issues and direction
      4. They will desperately seek healing of strongholds and practice the power of laying on of hands over one another
      5. They will understand and embrace the “Goal of their Faith”
      6. They actively track the transformations that they each experience
    4. Please understand that we all meet in different kinds of Pastor Groups. Very few, however, are authentically aimed at you becoming Saturated with the Presence of God and building up a Holiness Lifestyle that will exhibit the glory of God in you and through you.


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