"The Concert of Prayer for Revival" Prayer Guide (Order)

The purpose of this Prayer Guide is to provide a tool that we might pray effectively,

"...powerful and effective" James 5:15,16

and in concert:

"...for where two or three are gathered in my name and agree
...there am I with them."
Matt. 18:19,20



 This is a Prayer Guide that provides an orderly approach to praying. It is too often that the majority of our time is spent in praying our requests. Yet, God knows our mind. What we leave out is worshipping our magnificent God and enjoying Him; entering into His Presence as a result of having pure hearts and a desire to honor our God. He desires to hear our requests, and lead us in how to pray. This Prayer Guide can be used to accomplish effectual prayer.


We are using 1 Tim 2:1,2 as our guide. The New King James is a great translation for this verse.

"Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and reverence."

The prayer process in the Guide is:

  • Make supplications
    Entreating the Lord, thanks be to God for what He has done, praise/adore Him and listening to what God wants us to pray
  • Prayers: forgiveness, praying scripture, Concert of Prayer and listening
  • Intercessory Prayer: praying for others and personal prayer
  • Thanks be to God for what He will do

A key part of this Prayer Guide is the specific prayers that we should all pray in "Concert" on pages 20-24. What a beautiful thought: to have 200,000 believers praying that an additional 500,000 would be brought into relationship with Jesus.

If you choose not to use the Prayer Guide, you may download these specific prayers: CONCERT OF PRAYER (COP) PRAYERS and Praying Scripture.

We recommend a $5.00 donation per Guide (plus postage) for the sake of investing in this movement of God. If you are financially unable, donate what you are able. (There are 200 Guides/box.)

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