Praying Scripture

Your kingdom come and Your will be done!

We pray that we would be transformed into fulfilling what God intends us to be: the Body of Christ being holy, blameless and pure, full of the Spirit and overflowing with the Fruit of the Spirit, exhibiting the fullness of God within us!

  • By the power of God, we would exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit most of the time:
    • having a joy & peace that passes all understanding, no matter my circumstance
    • having a love for God that is full of affection & passion for His presence
    • having a faith that moves mountains & heals my broken heart as well as others
    • having a patience that is long suffering & steadfast without selfish agenda
    • having a meekness/humility and mildness that cares for God's people naturally
    • having a goodness that comes from an upright heart
    • having a gentleness from moral goodness and integrity
    • having self-control [being without excessiveness in thought, action or feeling]
  • We would experience every spiritual blessing
  • That we would be full of good deeds and godliness
  • That we would powerfully proclaim the Good News
  • That we live humble lives before God
  • That we crave God's presence
  • That we live out Your love and love others as You have loved us
  • That we would love You Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength
  • That our daily lives would be full of passion and purpose for Your Kingdom
  • That we have one hope in us for the return of Jesus
  • That we live daily for Your Kingdom and Your glory
  • That we love one another deeply, not out of obligation but in unconditional love
  • That the divorced and unwed mothers would be built up, served & cared for
  • That the poor and down-trodden be served, developed and made strong in You
  • That widows and single parents would be covered & cared for to fulfill their purpose in You
  • That orphans would be shepherded and blessed
  • That we live lives of mercy and peace
  • That we make choices that leave margin in our lives to listen, obey and follow You
  • That You would give strength to the persecuted, and multiply Your work, and free them according to Your will
  • That we would bear Kingdom fruit: 30, 60, 100x's more
  • That harvesters for the Kingdom be raised up in my community, including me
  • That oneness in You Lord, and oneness in our church be realized and fulfilled
  • That we have hearts yearning only for You, everyday
  • That we be saturated with Your divine Presence
  • That we would repent of sin and live for Your Kingdom in all we do
  • That You would help us to fulfill Your desire to live holy, blameless and pure lives, not out of human effort and perfection but by continually walking in the Spirit
  • That we would demonstrate our transformation by lovingly serving our family, church, & community

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