COP - What Is It?

We are in desperate need to have the Body of Christ passionately crying out to God for His most important desire to be accomplished in us and through us: being Saturated with His Presence.  Most would accept that the church today is not exhibiting His power as in the Book of Acts or as in the Great Awakenings in America, or China today.  We are not longing for His complete Presence in our lives or in the church as they have in past times of Revival.  It is in being “one” with Him, in perfect union with Him that we find ourselves transformed, yearning and passionate for His Presence and purpose.

Therefore, we desire to CHALLENGE Pastors and Churches to join in a Concert of Prayer, which is a symphony: an agreement to fulfill a role in calling God to saturate us and to draw the lost to His Kingdom, and for us to become complete in Him.  We see that agreement can be done in each other’s presence as well as in a virtual presence, when we agree on what we pray.


“For where two or three
come together in my name,
there am I with them.”

Matt. 18:19, 20


Our Lord has called us to be “Houses of Prayer”, individually as well as communally.  It is our hope that 50% of the members in each church will engage in this Concert of Prayer.  We are asking people to pray at least (1) 1 hour prayer segment(s) per week and to schedule it on this website so that we can all be encouraged by the Concert of Prayer Movement to the glory of God.  The praying will take place in small groups, individual prayer closets, large groups, and/or prayer services devoted only to this purpose.  This challenge is for all of us to engage in a unified Concert of Prayer, a “symphony” with many other churches.

You will find joy, hope and peace as a result of being a part of this concert; continually growing in living in the Presence of God.


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