Calling to Prayer and SPG

Consider what our Lord did in the book of Acts through the power of the Holy Spirit. God so empowered Peter, Paul & others, that even their cloaks and shadows would bring healing. People came long distances to hear them, and God granted healing to their hearts and bodies! They were anticipating God’s presence. They had faith that great and mighty things would be done. A similar thing took place in America in the 1700-1800’s. God showed up in the revivals of Finney, Moody, Wesley, Whitefield and others. Millions were impacted and came to the Lord. This was predicated by some faithful people believing and praying for revival with all their hearts!

SPG (the Saturation of the Presence of God – Revival) is taking place now in China, India, Africa, the Muslim world, & Latin America. In Nagaland, (a known head hunting people group, a state in NE India), there has been an amazing spiritual awakening. Today, 95% of the people have become followers of Jesus. Dare we hope for SPG in America today? Will you put your faith into action crying out to God for a spiritual awakening in our nation?

Would you enter into a a community of praying pastors in which you hunger and thirst for our Lord to come and saturate us with His presence in three years? Would you assist and entreat others to be on this same journey? Imagine the blessing for you, your family, church and community as God grants a saturation of His presence!

If the Lord answered this prayer in 3 years, how would you be preparing for it today? God desires to manifest Himself in you and in your community. He desires each of us experience a saturation of His presence to reveal Himself and His glory.

Will you join this praying community?


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