Prayer Cell for Revival PURPOSES

Revival = Being Saturated with the Presence of God (SPG)

A Prayer Cell for Revival is 3 participants that meet at least monthly, becoming Prayer Partners, to pray for Personal & Corporate Revival. This is an "intimate" Prayer time.

  1. Come to a heartfelt belief that prayer is vital for Kingdom success
    1. Prayer is strategic in Kingdom success
    2. Prayer is a weapon of mass destruction in spiritual warfare
    3. God desires for us personally to be a HOP (House of Prayer)
    4. God desires our Church and the Church at large to be a HOP
  2. Gain trust with one another
    1. Commit to an Honor Code of Trust
    2. Know each other's hopes and dreams
    3. Know each other's Personal Journey
    4. Know each other's Personal HOP Plan
  3. Pray for each other's Personal Revival – being Saturated with the Presence of God (SPG)
    1. Being transformed into the likeness of Jesus
    2. Be filled with the Presence of God/full of the Holy Spirit
  4. Pray for Revival in each other's Church and the City
    1. Pray for each other's God Sized Goals
    2. Pray for oneness with the Lord, your marriage/relationships, family, and each other
    3. Pray we would have an abundance of great marriages in the Church
  5. Pray for each other daily - weekly
  6. Partner with one another in ministry
  7. Start other "Prayer Cells for Revival"
  8. Create a Prayer Culture/HOP in each of your Churches

To be connected to the Prayer Cell Network (receive updates & useful tools for effective Prayer), please email your personal information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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