Become a House of Prayer for Revival

Pastors/ Leaders, will you make your heart temple a House of Prayer? Will you be a catalyst for making your Church a House of Prayer?

We know that God hasn't said that His Church should be called a House of Theology or a House of Signs & Wonders or a House for the Poor or a House of the Word. He declared that it be a House of Prayer! (Mark 11:17) He desires the most intimate relationship with us and it begins with prayer. It demonstrates our need, hunger and thirsting, dependence for Him and His help.

If we become a House of Prayer, we empower His Spirit in our lives. How can we see more of Him and His power displayed if we don't do what is important to Him?

Therefore, you are invited to enter into a process of becoming a House of Prayer. We are in desperate need of being encouraged by God and exhorted by the godly around us to fulfill a covenant with God to be a House of Prayer.

We are suggesting that you become part of a Prayer Cell that makes a covenant before God to become a House of Prayer.

  • Choose 2 other people to meet and pray with at least 1x/month – developing intimate friendships
  • Identify a predetermined Covenant with God that defines what a House of Prayer would be for you
  • Share the Covenant with your partners and empower them to pray and exhort you
  • Each time you come together to pray and share the progress, the praises, and disappointments...pray most of the time

Pastors for Revival will organize, track, and semi-monthly provide praying ideas that have worked for others. We will come to your Prayer Meeting, if you desire, to be a catalyst for your covenant being fulfilled.

What would your life be like if you were a House of Prayer, your Church, your city, your state? Let's unite before God and ask Him to help us be the Houses of Prayer that He intended. We are going to see God respond with His love and power...more than we have ever experienced!

Please join us, and in so doing, identify the names of those in your group and when you will meet. We will follow-up with you. Email this information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Keith & Karen Peterson, Pastors for Revival, 719-649-1572)


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