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The Great Welsh Revival, 1904, was led by Evan Roberts.  God choose a 26 year old young man.  He had been praying 11 years for Revival.  In 1903, he made an even deeper commitment to the Lord.  Out of that came an experience with God:                      

It was his habit of awakening at 1 AM and communing with God...one evening while communing with God, he was so moved that his face was shining to the point of glowing. Said his brother Sidney Evans, "what has happened to you?"  Evans said, "I had a vision of all Wales being lifted up to heaven.  We are going to see the mightiest Revival that Wales has ever known-and the Holy Spirit is coming soon, so we must get ready!" Said Sidney, "do you believe God could give us 100,000 souls?"  The vision of 100,000 souls being won to Christ was a recurring, burning theme for Roberts.  From that time on, Roberts had no peace of the Spirit until he asked God specifically for that number of souls.  Amazingly, the official church records showed that within 6 months, God had indeed brought no less than 100,000 souls into the fellowship of his church. (from: "When the Fire Fell", R. Maurice Smith)

We believe God has told us 500,000 for Colorado.  Can you believe this?  How are you preparing?  Are you preparing your church?  How would you do this?  Are you a part of a community of pastors/leaders who are believing this for themselves personally and their church? 

Pastor/Leader Prayer & Transformation  Advance 

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Become united and discover what God has for you to do!!      Don't miss this! 

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