Heart Transformation

heart-transformation-frontThis workbook is designed to assist believers in experiencing transformation in their lives & hearts, freeing them from sin patterns, wounds, wrong beliefs, fears and desires. The Lord tells us that out of a pure heart we will see God and experience His presence. This is a process that has a Leaders Guide, therefore, it is self taught and includes instructions on how to lead a group. Transformation is a vital part of Revival and leads an individual to be "in Revival". It is designed to be a 6 month process.

Heart Transformation will ignite your spiritual life to be more purposeful and adventurous.

This process will help you love God with all your heart.  When your heart is full of this love, your ife wil overflow in these powerful ways:

  • Overflowing with Hope - With the Kingdom of God as your focus, all wordly desires fade because of the hope the Holy Spirit gives you.
  • Overlowing with Thanksgiving - As the beauty of God is expressed in and through you, you are filled with gratitude.
  • Overflowing with Joy - The Holy Spirit gives you joy that you express in praise, adoration, and honor to God.
  • Overflowing with Power - Experience God's power as He heals your heart, and see His power working in your life to do His will.
  • Overflowing with Love - When you learn to see others as Jesus does, you will have a passion to love the way He loved.

This workbook will walk you through the five steps of Heart Transformation, which lead to a life of love.  Are you ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime?

Recommended donation: $23.99, plus postage.

To understand more, please go to: www.hearttransformation.org or watch our preview video.

Order from the www.hearttransformation.org store.


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