“How Revival Came and Can Come Again”


This is a book that will offer a 5-fold purpose:Aglow-with-the-Glory-of-God

  1. A biblical perspective on Revival:
  2. To introduce the lives, ministries and thoughts of anointed Revivalists.
  3. To encourage faith that faith that God is able and willing to grant a season of Revival in our day
  4. To emphasize our individual responsibility for Revival to happen
  5. Most importantly – to glorify God through the accounts of the awesome manifestations of His Presence and power in Revival times ~Gunter Krallman

This is a remarkable book that will stir an increased reverence and passion for the glory of God. If you take your time in it, you will experience transformation as you reflect and are stirred for Revival in you and your community.

We have a limited number of these books available for a suggested donation of $15 plus $5 shipping.

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