Littleton Christian Church
Rev. Mike Wright, Pastor

“From the first time I heard about it, my spirit rejoiced that the movement called Pastors for Revival had arrived in Metro Denver. The Lord has raised up men and women to spark unity, prayer, and revival among pastors in this area many times throughout the years and I am grateful for all of them. However, this movement has the simplicity, the profundity, the genuineness, and the humility that are necessary to fuel a long-lasting move of God through his Body. I pray that this fire grows and grows until it has consumed the region!”

Lakewood Church of Christ
Reg Cox, Minister of the Word

"There is a move of God in this generation, in this city, at this moment to answer the John 17 prayer of Jesus. We face today a world hostile and resistant to "church." When Pastors unite in prayer and service we will accomplish together what no one church can do alone. This is the most exciting age to lead in and this venue of prayer is our weapon for revival."

Valley View Church
Gene Barron, Pastor

“To be able to pray with other pastors that are not merely giving lip-service to the idea of revival and the transformation of our culture but are sincerely seeking the Lord and longing for personal transformation and change through the work of His Spirit in their own lives is a great joy. I pray that God will use this group of pastors, saturating each of us with His presence, and using us to be a catalyst to transform our churches and our community.”

City View Ministries International
Gary Hines, President

"Apart from prayer there can be no lasting revival, prayer is the means by which we solicit God's Presence into our lives, homes, churches and cities. Because prayer is a core value of Pastors for Revival, I can without reservation encourage your participation and support for PFR. Merely praying is not the goal, rather transformation is, which is the passion of Pastors for Revival. You'll be blessed and our city will be transformed as we unite in prayer."

Bridgeway Church
Peter Young, Pastor

"Over 30 years ago, I stood up in a church service for the call to see Denver more famous for Jesus Christ than the Broncos. It was a call to both personal and city revival. This requires a supernatural move of God's Spirit in the context of unity, action and prayer to see become a reality. I applaud this group for bringing pastors together with the common heart for personal revival."

IMD International
Phil Largent, President/Founder

“It is an exciting assignment from the Lord to be involved in discovering, challenging, edifying, and communing with pastors and ministry leaders whose heart is bent on personal revival, revival in their ministry, and revival in their community for God’s glory.”

Heart Transformation for Kingdom Living
Keith Peterson, Founder

“I am thrilled that pastors/leaders are open to being spiritually on fire themselves, desiring personal revival in order to lead authentic revival in their fellowships and city. This legitimizes their commitment to prayer for revival.”


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